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The four men send their moms this selfie. But the photo they get in return is way better!
I love it!

What the ... ? That's what happens when parents use a smartphone for the first time. I lost it.
Someone gave their parents a smartphone ... Oh boy.


Brave house cat goes head-to-head with a giant mountain lion

​This is one brave feline!

A giant mountain lion decided to pay this cat’s house a visit…

Granted, there was a glass door in-between them, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that the cat showed no fear!

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Dying woman lays in hospital bed. Therapy dog tenderly comforts her during her final moments
Meet JJ. He's a golden retriever belonging to Project Canine, and a HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis ...

These parents go to check on their sleeping baby. But when they see him, they race for the camera
And he slept on peacefully

This gorilla adopted a pet kitten. When It was told it died, the poor thing did THIS
Who said animals don't have feelings?

This puzzle will require you to think outside the box. Can you find the number 250?
A little brain stimulating puzzle never hurt anyone. By this age you’ve probably encountered ...

A man greets this young girl every day. She doesn't show up one day so he goes to her house, only to make a horrifying discovery
20 years later

3D Pencil Drawings by Alessandro Diddi
Italian illustrator Alessandro Diddi erases the line between fiction and reality and makes his 3D ...

Hibaku Jumoku: The A-Bombed Trees That Survived Hiroshima
After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945, with landscapes demolished, soils charred ...

Worst Break-Up Texts Ever
Dating is tough, but breaking up is so much worse, especially over text texts ...

This 11-year-old was scalped before her mother's eyes
What a nightmare!