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This is what your feet say about your personality. I was really surprised how accurate it is!
It really is true!

The mothers place their unwanted babies into a box in the wall and walk away, no questions asked
Simply abandoned


This woman puts ice on the back of her neck every two days and something strange happens. The result made my jaw drop

Freezing point on the neck.

Chinese physicians have made a discovery that can lead to astounding physical improvements with minimal effort. It doesn’t just improve the quality of your sleep or your digestion, it is also effective against aches, colds and much more. The so-called “Feng Fu” point, between the neck and skull, has considerable influence on our wellbeing. And stimulating it is so simple that you can do it yourself:

Take an ice cube and place it at the point where the top of the neck meets the base of your skull. The ice cube should stay there for at least 20 minutes. To hold it in position, you can tie it down with a scarf.

This procedure should be done at least every two to three days. According to Chinese medicine, the pauses in between are very important. On the days where you stimulate your Feng Fu point, you should do the procedure in the morning before you eat and in the evening before you go to bed. Simply put an ice cube on this point.

When this procedure it correctly applied, it can have the following positive effects:

- Improved sleep
- Better mood
- More efficient digestion
- Decreased vulnerability to colds
- Decreased vulnerability to body aches, tooth aches, and muscle tension

Even though the procedure can’t replace a visit to the doctor, it can improve your general wellbeing - which everyone, who has stress at work or home, could benefit from.

So share this brilliant trick that has been used in China for generations — now it can help you too.

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