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After an amazing discovery while out walking, the couple returned home multi-millionaires

Hidden treasure

When a couple from Northern California took their dog for walk like so many times before, they had no idea that their lives would soon change forever.

The couple, who would like to remain anonymous, took advantage of the good weather to enjoy the sunshine with their dog. They were walking along the usual routes on their property when they suddenly noticed something that they had never seen before.

Watch the following video for the full story:

In the sandy earth beneath a tree, they discovered a rusty old metal can. Perhaps a heavy rain shower had washed away the soil under which the can had previously been buried.

The woman picked up the old can. Heavily rusted and covered in moss, the container was surprisingly heavy. Now curious, the couple removed the cracked lid on their way back home. Inside, they saw something metallic glinting among the rust — the can was full of precious gold coins.

The couple rushed back to the spot and started digging. After a while, they found seven more cans filled with coins.

Unsure about the value of the coins, they contacted Kagin's Inc., a firm that specializes in rare U.S. coins. The experts at Kagin's Inc. were left speechless by the sensational discovery.

The coins were minted in the 19th century and are in excellent condition. When gold was discovered in California in 1848, the state started attracting prospectors and fortune hunters. This period became known as the California Gold Rush. Someone from this time must have buried their entire wealth in a handful of metal cans under the tree.

The coins are worth a fortune. The hoard included extremely rare Lady Liberty coins which can be worth up to $1 million each.

In total, the couple's golden finding is worth around $10 million.

What a fairy tale discovery! This couple's story shows how attention to detail can be richly rewarded — you never know what you'll find if you look close enough.

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