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This is what your feet say about your personality. I was really surprised how accurate it is

It really is true!

Your hands can give away a little bit about you. But the same is also true of your feet.

Their shape reveals a little bit about your personality.

The Roman foot

With the Roman foot, the big toe and the second toe are the same length. People with this foot shape are considered very social and outgoing. They hate having to sit around for long periods of time. Furthermore, they like to go on adventures and love to travel and discover other cultures. They are often eccentric and like to be the center of attention. Professionally, they are often very successful. Their love life is very passionate.

The long foot

Here the toes are often very small. People with these feet are very good at keeping secrets. However, they have mood swings that cause problems for themselves and for others. Furthermore, they love cuddling with their partner and indulging in pleasures.

The Greek foot

Here the second toe is longer than the big toe. These people are optimists and easily excitable. These kinds of people are not exactly stress-resistant, however, and face difficulty with everyday tasks such as shoe shopping. Still they are very eager to help where they can. In bed, they are rather dominant. That is also the case at their workplace.

The farmer foot

People whose toes are all the same length are considered more reserved. They are very reliable and conscientious contemporaries. Order and cleanliness are important to them. People with farmer feet make decisions in a rational manner. They rarely allow themselves to be guided by emotion.

But there is another "foot test" that provides input about your personality:

You can separate your small toe from the others

If you can stretch your small toe away from the other four, you are very adventurous and you hate to be bored. However, these people are allegedly more like to cheat on others.

You cannot separate your small toe

If you can't do this, then you are a very structured person and value order. You are a creature of habit and averse to change.

Now you finally know why you have the shape of foot that you have.

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