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Her bad breath was so bad that she finally went to the doctor. All he had to do was look behind her tonsils

It's lurking in your mouth

There could be something hiding in your mouth that you don't know much about, but it can trigger bad breath and can even be painful when you swallow. Unfortunately, this harmless phenomenon is not well known.

People who often suffer from tonsillitis often develop fissures in their tonsils. These holes in the tonsils are called "crypts."

You can find out more about tonsil stones in this video:

Food, dead cells, and bacteria can infest these tonsil crypts. Extra calcium deposits solidify the material into tonsil stones which stick stubbornly to your sensitive tonsils. According to a study, one in 10 people suffer from tonsil stones.

These stones can cause pain, ear infections, and particularly bad breath.

Tonsil stones that are close to the skin surface can easily be seen and appear as white spots. There are two ways to remove tonsil stones.

One way is to do it yourself. If you press carefully with the bottom of a toothbrush or a cotton swab, they often fall out on their own. They can sometimes be washed out with a dental water jet. No need to panic if you accidentally swallow them.

If you suspect you have tonsil stones and you don't trust yourself to push them out or it's too painful, it's best to have them removed by a doctor or a dentist. These professionals can remove the stones easily and effectively and give you advice on how to prevent them in the future.

Therefore: always remember tonsil stones if you have bad breath or inflamed or aching tonsils.

So the next time you have really bad breath or a naggingly sore throat you might want to check yourself for tonsil stones. Sometimes they can lurk for years and are just waiting to be finally removed! Share this important information with everyone you know. Because after all, who wants to go through life with a bunch of stones in their mouth?

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