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Always on the move

Adam and Nikki were living seemingly normal middle-class lives in the UK: they were both working office jobs and lived together in a shared apartment for some time. However, they made a serious change and now if you take a peek at their home, you'll realize they aren't so "normal" after all. When these two head home after a long day at work, all they need to do is unlock their car.

This adventure of theirs began in 2014. They were living in an apartment together in Stroud in the southwest of England. But they soon started to realize how terribly expensive their living costs were. In August of that year they decided they'd had enough — it was time for a change. Adam remembers, "Life was just getting too pricey. We wanted to see more of the world. The decision was a pretty easy one."

Here's a video of the couple sharing their story:

They could just manage to pay their bills at the end of each month, but had hardly anything leftover for savings or entertainment. Adam and Nikki felt like they were simply existing, but not really living. So, they sought out a solution; a solution with four wheels and a loading door.

They purchased an old white Ford Transit on eBay for around $4,000, broke their apartment's lease, and quit their jobs. They moved back to their parents' homes so they could save a bit in rent while they were realizing their grand plan to transform the van. They spent every last bit of their ca. $6,000 savings on the van renovations and did all the work themselves. This was some feat considering neither of them had any construction experience and Nikki had never even held a drill before. Just one year after they began, Adam and Nikki were ready to move into their new mobile home!

This is such a courageous move. It's not always easy to follow your dreams and live life by your own unique design.

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