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This woman rubbed lipstick all over her face. The result? Simply incredible.
Bet you've never used your lipstick for this.

The mother put the pillow on the sofa and her son burst out laughing! Take a closer look and you'll understand why.
An eye for detail


This octopus was saved from death in the sand. It then did the last thing its rescuer would have expected

Thanks for saving my life!

While taking a stroll along the beach, a man happened to see a small octopus that had dared to get too close to the shore and was now scrambling for its life in the sand. Acting quickly, the man carefully scooped the tiny mollusk into a plastic cup and carried it back to the water.

After the exhausted octopus had taken some time to recover back in the seawater, it did something that its rescuer will never forget:

That was definitely the animal's way of saying "thank you." What a heart-warming moment!

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