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Don't throw cucumber slices away! These pests are driven away by them. (page 2)

Bukhta Ihor/shutterstock

5. Baking powder and icing sugar

If you don't just want to drive off the ants, and in this case, other insects, you can get rid of them once and for all  â€” by mixing baking powder and icing sugar together in equal quantities and leaving it out as bait.

The body chemistry of ants cannot cope with the sodium bicarbonate  in the baking powder, and the insects will perish as soon as they eat the mix. As they will probably first carry it back to the nest, this could endanger the whole colony. Therefore, you should only use this method in exceptional circumstances.


6. Cornmeal

A  method equally as ruthless as the previous one involves cornmeal.  When the ants eat it, it disrupts their digestion processes so they starve a few days later.

Again, it's self-evident that harmless methods are preferable.

Bon Appetit/shutterstock

7. Vinegar

One such harmless and moreover extremely effective method is vinegar, as its strong odor drives the ants away. The simplest application is to pour the vinegar directly on to the places where the ants emerge. You can also wipe your floor with vinegar-based cleaner or vinegar water so that they no longer dare to set foot on it.


8. Plants

Instead of spreading different products about in your home or garden, you can also try to get the ants to keep their distance from the house with aromatic plants like eucalyptus, basil, peppermint or thyme.

seekeaw rimthong/shutterstock

9. Baby powder

Baby powder can also keep ants away, less because of the smell and more because of the talc the powder contains. It's assumed that the insects dehydrate as soon as they come into contact with it.  

Baby powder or other talc-containing products sprinkled around can therefore function as a kind of protective wall that the ants can't cross. You can achieve the same effect with diatomaceous earth.

MIA Studio/shutterstock

10.  Chalk

As well as odors that are unpleasant for ants, you can also make their lives difficult using insurmountable obstacles. Instead of sprinkling baby powder, you can simply draw a chalk line that the ants are unable to cross, as the following picture shows: a chalk circle has been drawn around one piece of bait, and not the other.


You too can rid your house or apartment  of ants using natural methods, so they stay where they belong and continue to do their useful work.


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