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Surveillance camera shows eery footage of spirit leaving dead body
The woman dies in hospital. What the surveillance camera then films, sends shivers down my spine

For 10 months these animal abusers starved their victim. But they never expected this man's dedication.
Thinner than spaghetti


After the death of their grandma, they bought a tiny puppy. What their grandfather then did brought tears to my eyes

A present to bring some life to the home

Only a few weeks before this recording was taken, the elderly man had lost his beloved wife. As he struggled to come to terms with her death, his family knew that they had to do something for him.

It's wonderful to see how they brought a bit of sunshine back into his life. Take a look for yourself!

Wow, that's some powerful stuff! When they said they didn't want their grandfather to be alone, we were already welling up with tears. We really hope that this wonderful gift will put a smile back on his face. Please share this special and moving moment with others!

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This mother looks into the eyes of her newborn baby. Then she lights the forest around her on fire. Truly an unbelievable story!

She put salt in her shampoo before showering. A few minutes later, she couldn't be more pleased.
An amazing amount of uses.

After a patient's death, a nurse films this. Everyone must take what she says
Wise words from someone who knows

16-month-old tries glasses for the first time, has adorable reaction and says thank you!
It is no surprise that vision is a big deal for humans.

This mother delivers her son to two strangers. But you'll never believe what they do with him next
It was all a trap...

Your earwax can tell you how healthy or sick you are. What color is yours?
Disgusting but important

Surreal Sculptures of Human Faces Frozen in Liquid
Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang, who also goes by Tsang Cheung Shing, skillfully manipulates ...

This couple had done this in a park and everyone watched. But then they landed in front of the most feared judge in the world.
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth

7 Year Old Writes a Letter to NASA and NASA Responds!
Dexter, a 7 year old boy, wrote a letter to NASA about wanting to visit Mars and become an ...