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If you watch this video, you could have SENSITIVE relaxation. One million people have already tried it

So relaxing

There's a relaxation technique that everyone's talking about online: ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Do you like the sound of a hairbrush in your hair? The clatter of the keys when someone types? Of air being blown in your ears? Then ASMR is perfect for you!

So, what do you think? Curious? Then make yourself comfortable and watch this video:

More and more people are uploading this kind of video, which many people listen to in order to relax and even to fall asleep. It may sound unbelievable at first, but chances are, you'll like it too.

With this technique, you can experience something known as a "sensory orgasm." This is a feeling of great physical wellbeing that you would not feel otherwise — created entirely by sounds!

In their videos, people either don't speak, or they whisper. For the best listening experience, using headphones is recommended, as it gives the impression that someone really is whispering in your ears. And that will help make the experience even more exciting.

To relax you, the makers of these films use everyday objects, like the candleholder in the picture below. They simply tap on them with their fingers or fingernails to produce a soft, calming and sensual sound.

The videos use all sorts of props, including fountain pens, books, plastic bags or make up. It's not important what the object is, just what sound it makes when someone touches or uses it.

But the makers of these videos don't just use what they find in their closets to make the sounds. They also use their own bodies. It's not unusual to hear them make noises with their mouths, by blowing, chewing or kissing, and sometimes by massaging or caressing their own faces.

Some of them even film themselves while eating, close to a high quality microphone, to record the chewing sounds. And those videos are really popular!

Given that so many people are prescribed medication for depression, it's possible this technique could help a lot of people get some rest. Even if AMSR cannot treat depression, it could minimise the need for sleeping medication — or let people enjoy themselves in a whole new way!

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