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The teenagers stood still in the pool as if they were praying. When their chaperone started filming from the balcony, he got goosebumps


School trips can often lead to a few surprises for the chaperones in charge of the kids. What Aaron Drevlow experienced while staying at a hotel in Ames, USA, with his youth choir group is something he won't soon forget.

The scene he caught on video from his balcony left him and the other hotel guests with goosebumps.

Impressed with the acoustics in the pool area, the students from the Stillwater Area High School began to sing. One by one they all joined in until their chorus filled the room and transformed the hotel pool into a concert hall. The choir sang a beautiful version of the composition "A Day Full of Grace" which was written by F. Delius Christiansen, the choir master's grandfather. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience for the hotel guests and the video has quickly become an internet hit. Encore!

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