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Her sister warned the mother and child about the dog. She ended up regretting it when she saw this scene 10 years later.

Through thick and thin

Like babies, a puppy requires  a lot of attention, training, space to move  around and, above all, time from the very start. So if you've just given birth, you should probably think long and hard about whether you're able to look after both at the same time. This is exactly what went through one  Imgur
 user's mind when advising her sister, a new mother, against getting a puppy once she had her baby. But 10 years later she was left eating her words after watching  her niece form  the closest of bonds with the black Labrador Retriever. Her pictures show how this deep friendship came  into being:  

"2007: Puppy and  baby meet. Born one month apart."


"2008: Budding friendship  (even though dog eats baby's cookies now and again)."  


"2009: Sunday morning cartoons. Basically inseperable."  


"2010: Even in the car..."  


"2011: Always hanging out."  


"2012: They're pretty much the bestest friends ever and I'm eating my words."  


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