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What does the length of your hair say about your personality? I was surprised how accurate it was! (page 2)


Long hair or short hair? Women with mid-length hair simply cannot decide and like to "sit on the fence." The problem of not being able to come to a decision emerges in many other areas of their lives. They frequently put off important decisions and are prone to daydreaming. Sometimes they need another person to motivate them to step outside of their own world.

However, women with shoulder-length hair are very content with their elegant and feminine effect on  others. They are often the center of a swarm of men and their natural beauty always draws admiring looks. But it's not just their appearance that makes them attractive, they are also very communicative. A woman with shoulder-length hair knows she can quickly find friends and also maintain friendships. In her working life, she appreciates new challenges and enjoys the variety of new responsibilities.

4. Long hair


Women with long hair prefer long-term relationships and are true to their partners. When it comes to choosing a partner, they are very selective and have high expectations. But they put their whole heart into it once they have found "Mr. Right." If a woman's hair is long, but with staggered lengths, she  is quite prepared to compromise in her choice of man and in her relationships. If her hair is long, but it's all the same length, she believes in traditional ideas of men's and women's roles, she feels completely that she is a woman and wants to be treated like one. This means, among other things, that the man should  regularly organize great dates and leave her small tokens of love.


Long hair needs plenty of care so that it doesn't split or break. Women with long hair know this and don't balk at the cost and energy required for dedicated haircare. This sometimes makes them seem a bit arrogant and vain to others, but that impression is false. In reality, they are really very thoughtful, patient and have big dreams. They know exactly what they want to achieve in life and will do everything to make their dreams a reality. Their persistence and perseverance in pursuit of their goals usually pays off.

Did you learn something new about yourself? It's not all that surprising, because a few psychological studies have found a link between hair length and personality. So next time you have a "Bad Hair Day," you can assume there's more to it than that. On those days it's especially important to take care of yourself to help improve your mood.


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