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Pictures of People with Their Fish Twins
Leftfield photographer Ted Sabarese created this incredible selection of photographs of men and ...

She put the tomato the wrong way and then this happened!
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He pushes and kneads the woman's big belly. After two minutes you can see a big change


The weeks leading up to birth can be an exciting time for expectant parents. But certain things can happen that may cause stress or even panic.

When this doctor sees that the baby is turned the wrong way in the womb, he performs a technique that can save the mom from an unwanted surgery:

The strange-looking procedure is called an external cephalic version. With his hands on the outside of the belly, he turns the baby from the breech position into the correct inverted position so it can be delivered head first. While the mother looks a little uncomfortable, she is soon relieved to be saved from an unnecessary C-section.


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