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Why you should pick ivy leaves and stuff them in a sock. I had no idea!
Green stuff in your laundry!

The way this woman braids her hair looks ridiculous. But when she turns her head, everyone gasps.
Braid in front and flip it over


They just wanted to see the house, but they had no idea what awaited them inside

Hold on tight and buy!

If you've ever tried to sell a house, you know it can sometimes be incredibly difficult. If someone wants to see the property, it's important that the showing goes well. We're talking about a lot of money changing hands, so it's no wonder that the whole process can drag on so long sometimes.

This won't quite be the case for this house in Holland — it'll literally fly off the market.

If this house doesn't stick in your memory, what will? I'd go to see this house just for fun! Too bad the roller coaster will be removed after the house sells. But who knows: maybe they'll find someone who wants to keep it in there! Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle until you reach the breakfast table please...

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You have a great son to do this for you. I hope you find whatever you are looking for. Good luck.

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