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At age 16 she is stunned when her father shows what he has been doing since she was a child
Five minutes of childhood

She poses for the perfect photo. But her boyfriend looks her leg and sees...
At an age where teens are going through so many changes to their bodies, they try to fit in and ...


She had to bury her son, but everything made sense when she saw this stranger's face five years later (page 2)

Then Jack, Philipp, Marina, and Molly joined the family.

Over the years, the family grew to include a total of 15 children! Some of their biological children have started families of their own and they never fail to be astounded by the amount of love the Daultons share.

These folks are happier together. Dave and Jane can't imagine anything that could make them more proud. It's heartwarming to know that there are people like them out there with so much love to give to so many children who need it.


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Terrible examples of how not to do make-up
Makeup is designed to embellish the girl to emphasize her strengths and hide weaknesses. But some ...

This mother was shocked when she saw her newborn was covered in dark, bloody spots.
A special boy

This man, battling cancer, when looked out the window. He was shocked
Filled with hope

The elegant man simply takes the sign from the blind beggar and writes something else on it. Suddenly, people are much more generous.
On the street

The girl took a selfie in her bedroom. A second look showed something in the background that sent a chill down my spine.
A second glance

What Is Wrong with This Loving Teen Couple?
Arin Andrews, 17 and Katie Hill, 19, look just like normal teenagers in love but they share a ...

She may look like a princess, but she sounds nothing like one
Wait, how old?

This simple test will tell you when you'll die. Do you dare try it?
Let's see how you do!

This is no small tiger, rather the most beautiful cat in the world. Wait until you see his eyes.
The most beautiful cat