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A man stole her when she was 16. 85 years later, their grandchildren find out the secret of their relationship
Everlasting love...

20 pictures that prove an extra look in the mirror might avoid catastrophe. What was No. 12 thinking?
Double the fun!


She had to bury her son, but everything made sense when she saw this stranger's face five years later (page 2)

Then Jack, Philipp, Marina, and Molly joined the family.

Over the years, the family grew to include a total of 15 children! Some of their biological children have started families of their own and they never fail to be astounded by the amount of love the Daultons share.

These folks are happier together. Dave and Jane can't imagine anything that could make them more proud. It's heartwarming to know that there are people like them out there with so much love to give to so many children who need it.


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