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He placed a hidden camera in his room to monitor abuse
Camille Parent from Peterborough, Ontario also had to resort to this because he did not have the ...

Her daughter wakes up, her legs covered in bruises. The reason will shock you.
Unexpected consequences


When this man started gardening, he had no idea he'd find his best friend in a bag of mulch (page 2)


And he has a voracious appetite.


Zip's favorite snack isn't nuts, but funnily enough, blueberries.


Zip is now pretty mobile and has developed his own personality!  You never know where you might find him.


Share this story with other animal lovers. Zip is truly the cutest pet that one can imagine.


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If you ever wondered what’s inside, but don’t want to cut one open yourself
Father and son slice into a hornet’s nest, but what they find? Unbelievable…

I used to avoid cleaning the shower, but this makes it so easy it's almost fun.
Sparkling clean

Do you know what is your birthstone? It says secrets about your personality
Birthstones are a special gemstone associated with the month that an individual was born in.

This 11 year old girl shakes nervously on stage. But at 1:39, she takes my breath away!
The voice of an angel

Can you solve this? This puzzle impossible for adults, but little kids solve it instantly
The following is a math puzzle that’s very easy for little kids to solve, but quite difficult for ...

The three largest aircraft in the world
Let’s take a look at top three world’s largest aircrafts up to this day.

Lay flat on your stomach. If you hold this position for two minutes, you'll be ready for the beach in no time.
Six-pack in just four mins a day!

21 More Middle Class Problems
Playing off the First-world Problem meme, Twitter account Middle Class Problem retweets people who ...

Moustached Puppy Grows Into The Classiest Dog Ever
It's already hard to resist cute baby animals as they are, but if you add a dandy moustache on a ...