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Every parents nightmare! The parents leave their 1-year-old with the babysitter
When they see him the next day, their hearts stop.


They cover his body with oil and run a spatula over him. Five hours later, they can't believe what they see (page 2)


However, the arduous task was not over yet. Petróleo had also swallowed a lot of tar and the effects of the poisoning were still uncertain. Luckily though, the dog seemed to react well to the medication and was soon eating normally. In this photo it already looks like a completely different dog! Who could have imagined such a cute little fella was hiding beneath that thick, black layer of tar all along?

Petróleo was lucky to have crossed paths with the two young Argentineans who selflessly took the time to rescue it and help bring it back to life. But behind this story lies a harsh reality: every day new cases of animal cruelty come to light. And even though it's hard to look at some of them, it is necessary to raise awareness and make people learn that animals deserve the same respect as humans. Petróleo is now looking for a loving home, one in which he'll be able to overcome the trauma he experienced and make a fresh, new start in life.

We can all help to do our part in stopping these sorts of things from happening. That's why it's so important to report any cases of mistreatment, but it's also just as important to take care of your own pets and always act responsibly.


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