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One of those days

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For six months this woman heard a strange noise in her living room ceiling. Then she made a discovery that she still hasn't recovered from

Hidden in the ceiling

For six months, Lisa Ohrmundt from Georgia kept hearing a strange buzzing sound every time she went into her living room. She thought it was just the bees outside in her yard and wasn't concerned. But when the buzzing grew louder, she called a beekeeper she knew to come and have a look.

Using a special heat detector, Lisa's friend was able to locate the source of the buzzing — it was coming from her living room ceiling! It turned out that 120,000 bees had moved into Lisa's house...

It was a shocking discovery, but it had a pretty sweet ending: the bees had produced nearly 150 lbs of honey right in the middle of the living room. Lisa tried the honey and although it was good, she decided that beekeeping in her house wasn't for her. Her friend carefully removed the bees and closed up the ceiling. We're pretty sure that from now on Lisa won't be ignoring any strange buzzing sounds in her house!

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