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Almost everyone makes these 15 home furnishing mistakes. No. 4 is so easy to avoid.

Home sweet home

When it comes to home furnishing and decorating, taste is a matter of opinion. What seems simple and elegant to one person may just be plain out boring to another. Our own four walls should be our business, a place we call our own and where we feel totally comfortable. But even though there are no real rules to interior decorating, there are some mistakes that almost everyone makes, and most often we don't even notice how much better things can be until someone points it out to us. That's why we've put together this list of the 15 most common home furnishing mistakes so you can avoid them and enjoy your living space even more...


1. Lighting

A single lamp hanging from the ceiling can provide enough light, but chances are that it won't give the room much ambience. Instead, try a few floor and table lamps to create a more intimate atmosphere, and only use the ceiling lamp when you really need it.

Africa Studio/shutterstock

2. Soap and dishwashing detergent

These days people are putting extra emphasis on nicely designed kitchens and bathrooms. That's why it's a bit of a shame that these spaces end up cluttered with plastic bottles full of soap that end up being real eyesores.  

Instead of leaving those plastic soap dispensers on the counter, pick up some nice ceramic designs that match your decor. Wash cloths and tea towels with matching designs are also a nice touch.

Renan Teuman/shutterstock

3. Cluttered bookshelves

A collection of books can add a special ambience to any living space. But when they're stacked up all over the place and nearly falling off the shelves, the effect is quickly lost. If you have a book collection that you want to display, make sure to get a nice cabinet and keep it  neatly stored.

The other option is to simply get rid of books  altogether. If you're not interested in creating your own private library, why not just give those old books to someone who will actually read them instead of letting them collect dust. It will free up a lot of space for other things.

Carlos Amarillo/shutterstock

4. Wall color

In rented apartments and houses, white walls are pretty common. Homeowners usually make the effort to add some color to their living space, but renters often don't see the point, and in some cases this is a big mistake. Taking the time and making the effort to paint your walls and give them more character can have a big effect on how much you enjoy the place you live in. This is especially important in regions where the winters are long and dark — a warm, cozy color on the walls can really improve your mood.


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