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At the side of the road

A car accident is always a traumatic experience, especially when someone is left trapped and helpless in the vehicle. That was exactly what 36-year-old Shannon Lorio experienced while driving on a lonely country road near her hometown of Pavo, Georgia.

While rounding a curve, she lost control of the car and went off the road. Her car rolled and Shannon was thrown into the back seat of the vehicle. All she remembers is shattered glass, a lot of pain, and then everything going black. She ended up unconscious lying in the back of the car and has no idea how long she was there. But she does remember waking up and being in so much pain that she couldn't move.

You can watch the story of this brave dog in this video...

"My face was bleeding," remembers Shannon. She felt like she had been lying there for an eternity and knew that the chances of someone seeing her car deep down in ditch were slim. But then, out of nowhere, a huge dog appeared and approached the car. It came up to the back window and peered in. Then it came so close that its nose was only inches away from Shannon's face and she could feel its warm breath on her face.

Just when Shannon was about to yell out in panic, the dog opened its massive mouth and began licking the wounds on her face. Realizing that Shannon needed help, it bit onto her jacket and began pulling with all its strength. Amazingly, the brave dog managed to pull Shannon out of the car and up to the side of the road. Moments later, a passing car stopped and took Shannon to the hospital along with her canine savior.

Nobody could identify the dog that appeared to have come out of nowhere. They decided that he at least deserved a name and gave him a very fitting one: Hero.

Since the rescue, Shannon and Hero have been inseparable. If it hadn't been for him, Shannon may not have survived that horrible crash — it's a wonder in itself that she came out of it with without serious injuries.

Hero could sense that Shannon was in danger and needed help. It's another amazing example of how powerful animal instincts can be. Thank goodness he was in the right place at the right time and can now look forward to a happy life with the woman he saved.

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