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This girl's beauty is unique. But she gets the most atrocious insults about her appearance!
A unique beauty in this world

Trees Are Framed by Giant Canvas Backdrops in Photo Series
South Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee hangs enormous canvases behind trees, creating a real world ...


The parents believed their son to be dead and buried him. In truth, they had buried him alive. (page 2)


While the boy is recovering at the Jiangjin Central Hospital, the authorities are desperately trying to track down the parents of the child. Yang is so grateful that she was in the right place at the right time, when her dog discovered the baby, even if it did come as quite an unexpected shock.  


Luckily, everything went well in the end. It's awful to imagine what would have happened without the sharp senses and instincts of such a great  dog. Hopefully, the boy's parents can be found soon and this little fella is not only welcomed into  a loving home, but goes on to lead a long and happy life.


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The shocked the cachier when they order this in McDonald's
At first, the cashier couldn’t believe it, but Lance told him he was being “deadly serious”.

This mother lied to her daughter for 10 years. Hopefully others do it as well.
The white rose

This is an unbelievable story... She finds abandoned baby in the trash
Nika was born with a severe brain condition. Doctors give only %3 chance.

Awful Tattoos To Make You Lose Faith In Humanity
Before you think about getting a tattoo, please make us all a promise here at SBSG, that it won't ...

This neglected baby's skin peeled away when his shoes were taken off. The couple simply had no choice what to do next.
An incredible story

A mother thought her kids had given her soap as a present. But when she lathered up with it the next day, she got a huge surprise.

How many tigers are in this picture? Can you find them all?
This puzzle has taken over the internet by storm.

Doctors couldn't believe what happened at this birth.
She thought the devil wanted to take her baby. So delicate...

Why farting is healthy!
There are few topics that people find more uncomfortable to talk about than farting.