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At 11 he was abandoned by his mom. But when police arrived at their house, they couldn't believe what they saw
Alone in the world

12 Passive Aggressive Bathroom Notes
Bathrooms can be pretty nasty places, especially when there are tons of people going in and out all ...


When this baby turned four months, her parents noticed something really disturbing. When you see what it is, you'll be scared (page 2)



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Dream of High School Prom Comes True
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Meet Foo-Chan: The Perpetually Disappointed Cat
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11 Funny Autocorrects on the Web
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Two-year-old girl sits in front of dad and sings. But you've never heard this classic done like this 1:35 is the high point!
Hilarious vocal talent

Spend eight minutes every day doing these exercises. After 30 days, the result is astonishing.
No time like the present!

A musician is playing on a public piano. This man walks up and blows everyone away
Train station magic

These dogs in Romania suffered cruelly and needlessly until a hero arrived...