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The double face of regret: two-year-old boy pays a heavy price for his mother's drug use

The mask baby

It's always a horrible shame when children suffer because of a parent's mistakes. This is exactly what happened to a little boy named Kangkang from China. He was born with an open face and became known in the national media as the "mask baby. "

Little Kangkang appears to have two faces, one on top of the other. It's a condition he has had to endure since his birth and one that was probably caused by his mother's drug use during her pregnancy.

You can find out more about Kangkang and his mother in this video...

Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome is a disease which is similar to the well-known harelip, but instead of only the palate or lip being split, in this case the entire jaw is split in two resulting in a divided face. In the first hospital, Kangkang's mother was told that he suffered from a "monster disease." Her relatives suggested that she put him up for adoption, but Kangkang's mother didn't give him away, nor did she give up on him. Instead, she decided that she would do everything she could to make up for her bad judgement while she was carrying him in her womb.

Kangkang underwent a thorough examination at a modern hospital in Shanghai and the doctors gave his mother new hope: Kangkang could actually be operated on and his mother wouldn't have to pay for it! Since his case is unique, there's no guarantee that the operation will be successful. It will also take some time to complete the preparations.

Hopefully Kangkang will have a normal childhood to look forward to. We wish him and his mother all the best!

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