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The five-year-old boy stared wide-eyed at the naked woman and blurted out something priceless
Where do they come up with these things?

This 17-year-old turned off his phone and jumped in front of a moving train. Months later, his mom shared the truth.
It's too late for him


Security cam films the woman in front of the hospital. When her husband arrives, he can't believe his eyes

She couldn't get inside fast enough!

Jessica Stubbins of Scunthorpe, England, went into labor very suddenly. When they got to the hospital, her husband dropped her off at the front doors and then quickly went to park. What happened next is incredible! And the hospital security camera caught the whole thing on film.

Here's an interview with the family — the security cam footage starts at 1:18:

In just seconds, her baby is born! Baby Lucy wasn't going to wait for the doctor to make her entrance into the world! Even though her birth was a little scary, she is happy and healthy. And now they have a great story to tell her in the future.

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