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This 7-year-old donates his hair to a cancer patient. But when his right eye gets swollen, doctors fear the worst.

It's just not fair.

Vinny Desautels from California, USA, is just 5 years old when he makes an unusual decision for someone his age: He would like to grow his hair out long so that it can be donated and used to make  wigs for child cancer patients! For two years, he lets his blond mane grow out, so much so that many people mistake him for a girl, tease him and bully him. But Vinny doesn't let that hold him back. When his mother, a hairdresser, cuts off his long hair and sends it in to the nonprofit organization Wigs for Kids
, the 7-year-old cannot stop smiling.

Twitter/Daily Mail US

The only thing that takes away his joy is the stinging he's been feeling in his swollen right eye, which won't go away. But since it's the peak season for pollen allergies, his parents don't think much of it. But then Vinny starts complaining of knee pains. When his parents notice a large swelling on his hip, they go to the hospital in a panic. An x-ray reveals the problem. In the young boy's hip, a tumor is growing. And the swelling in his eye also turns out to be a malignant tumor.

Twitter/Good Morning America

The boy, who endured two years of constant bullying to help children with cancer, is now diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that targets bones and soft tissue. This is a complete shock for his parents. But for their son, they try to remain strong. "As long as we are there for him, smile and tell him that everything will be fine, he thinks that too," says his father Jason Desautels. "Vinny is like us - an eternal optimist."

Twitter/CBS News

Vinny's chemotherapy has already begun. His mother Amanda who is already 6 months pregnant as well as his father have taken time off to be there for their son. Vinny's grandparents have created a donation site


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