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These brothers from Canada took the selfie of the year. When you see it, you'll be amazed

A crazy selfie

Michael and Neil Fletcher from Chelmsford, Ontario, were roaming through the forest when something caught their eye. It was an animal caught in a trap. As they moved closer, they noticed that it was a bald eagle. The brothers reacted immediately.

They gently covered the bird with a jacket and tried desperately to free it from its predicament. When they were finally successful after minutes of levering, pushing and bending, Neil held the exhausted eagle in his arms as Michael quickly retrieved the phone that filmed the whole event. The result is this incredible photo of the majestic eagle and its two rescuers.

You can see Michael and Neil in life-saving action here:

The photo of these heroic brothers made them quite the local (heck, international!) celebs after it was shared on Facebook. One of their friends made the very clever comment, "Isn't it ill-eagle to take a badass selfie like that?"

One reads so much negative press about human impact on the environment that it's all the more uplifting when we read about those who reverse the damage. Saving a bald eagle should gain these Canadians honorary American citizenship, don't you think?

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