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A man tries to assault her in the elevator... But the result you can't believe it!
A security camera in an elevator in China captured something many women fear.

Newborn twins seen on video hugging each other during bath
A woman uploaded a video that showed newborn twins hugging each other during a bath.


The husband collapses, the wife weeps and their newborn son dies. If only they knew what would happen next

A mother's touch

For three years and with no success, David and Kate tried to have a baby. One day, good news arrived: Kate was pregnant with twins! The pair was overjoyed, and everything was going smoothly until Kate went into premature labor.

After Jamie and Emily were born, the doctor had very sad news: baby Jamie didn't survive. The devastated parents then took matters into their own hands:

"It was the most astounding and amazing thing that had ever happened. We realized it was because we had held him, and because he had the body heat of his mother and father, and that soft cocooning warmth—that’s what had brought him back and had given him the time that he needed to live."

Such words say it all. Never underestimate the power of love, touch, and warmth.

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