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It's this easy to care for ingrown toenails at home. No need for an operation!
Finally no more pain.

This little boy doesn't yet know the horror that awaits him. What happens to his mother is a nightmare.
Grab the tissues!


This 3200 year old tree is one of the largest on earth. It will leave you speechless

There’s something about trees that make me feel incredibly happy. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so large and old, allowing them to magically transcend humanity.

It’s because of this infatuation with trees that it pains me to hear that our forests are slowly growing extinct.

I hope this video about one particular tree serves as a message that we need to do everything in our power to protect our forests.

Deep in the Sequoia National Park in California is a tree called The President. Over 3,200 years old, this tree is one of the largest trees on Earth, being over 247 feet tall and 27 feet wide. According to National Geographic, The President could very well be the largest tree on Earth!

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