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Lay flat on your stomach. If you hold this position for two minutes, you'll be ready for the beach in no time.

Six-pack in just four mins a day!

Who doesn't dream of transforming their body in just four minutes? At first it looks too good to be true, but this position actually works wonders to strengthen your core and tone your stomach muscles.


Sit-ups are a thing of the past; they've been replaced by a newer, more effective exercise to strengthen your core.


We're talking about the plank. Not only are planks healthier for your back, they are also much better for your abs—as most people who've tried them agree.


Why is this the case? It's simple:

1. Planks are a gentle, but intense way to shape your body. All of your supporting muscles are used, including the small, hard-to-reach ones that are usually forgotten.


2. Planks are also good for your posture. Since your stomach muscles are vital for supporting proper posture, regularly doing planks can help improve both your balance and posture. After a while of planking, you might realize you are sitting and standing more upright—and you might even appear taller.


3. Planks support flexibility. Your shoulders and back not only help with stability during planks, but the position also stretches your shoulder blades and increases your range of motion: Just one more reason to get on board.


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