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This mother was shocked when she saw her newborn was covered in dark, bloody spots.

A special boy

When Dylan Little was born four years ago, his mother Kara and the medical staff were bewildered: Dylan's entire back was covered with a massive dark mark. His legs and arms were also covered with sizeable birthmarks. The neonatal ICU quickly discovered that Dylan had been born with a rare skin disorder called congenital melanocytic nevus.

Warning: Some people may find the following images disturbing.

"When Dylan was born, over 80% of his body was covered in birthmarks—his back was completely black and bloody; his face, his arms and legs all covered in moles," said his mother Kara.

Facebook/Dylan's Amazing Journey

Less severe forms of this disorder cause small moles or birthmarks, but fewer  that 500,000 people have been born with such a dramatic  case. More than 80% of his entire body was covered in spots!

Dylan's parents Kara and Nikki looked deeper into the condition and feared that his marks could one day develop into a deadly skin cancer. But the affected skin surface area was far too large to simply remove the spots.

Facebook/Dylan's Amazing Journey

Then a ray of hope came from an unexpected direction. Implants—like the ones used for breast enlargement—were inserted beneath Dylan's healthy skin. The implants were then slowly expanded with a saline solution over the course of three months in order to stretch his skin. This was an important preparatory step before continuing with his treatment.

Facebook/Dylan's Amazing Journey

Eventually, the implants were taken out, his largest birthmark was removed, and the excess skin was used to fill in the gap.


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