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Do you care about the safety of your smartphone? Then watch this video
Witnesses in Japan videotaped as suburban train guy for 10 seconds, unlock your smartphone, ...

French Street Artist Loves To Hijacks Street Signs
He's been labeled by the French authorities as a vandal, even so far as being fined €400 for his ...


12 Parents Embarrassing Their Kids on Facebook

There's a funny thing about parents and technology. That being a majority of moms and dads are pretty tech unsavvy without the help of us internet-obsessed younger folk. And while parental struggles can be frustrating at times, their attempts to get in the techy loop are mostly just hilarious. This is particularly true with moms and dads are jumping on the social networking bandwagon, and most, if not all, don't exactly understand how the whole thing works. This sometimes results in parents commenting on their kids' Facebook pages out of confusion, annoyance or just straight up oblivion. Have you ever experienced such prime entertainment? See what we mean below!

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Take a banana peel and rub it in your face. You'll be amazed what happens to your skin.
An incredible cosmetic

They photographed this home birth. The pictures are the most beautiful of a birth I have ever seen.
She wanted it to have it just like this. The result is unbelievable.

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These craziest wedding cars, you ever seen.

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