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14 pictures of mothers with their daughters. 7 is too funny for words!
Of one mind

Dogs should wear
Going on with the operation and taking a tactical dogs, Israeli soldiers did not make the animal ...


Incredibly Detailed Faces Formed Out of Wonder Bread

Rather than eating her sandwiches, Polish artist Milena Korolczuk has recently taken to transforming them into tiny sculptures. Using Wonder Bread as her medium, the Oakland-based artist draws from iconic pop-culture, art, literature, and historic figures to inspire each detailed face. She uses slices of classic white Wonder Bread and a steady hand to shape the tiny balls into something unique and unexpected.







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Oh my! He destroyed his opponent's anatomy with one kick
What a kick!

Funny Illustrations by Comical Concept
You've probably already seen the famous ''Facebook version of you vs. Realistic version of you'' ...

The mother sits in an airplane when suddenly a woman takes her baby away. She can't express her gratitude!
The kindness of strangers

Ever noticed the small buttons on your jean? This is what they're for?
There are stories inside the clothes we wear as well. Some of them aren't just interesting — ...

The proof of why women live longer then men
It’s long been understood that, for the most part, women tend to live longer than men.

This is crazy! 7,000 matches into a birthday cake
In the video below, it only takes about 45 seconds for the top layers of matches to spread the fire ...

What means white string inside your egg? Actually a good thing
Eggs are a highly nutritional and easy food to cook, which makes them popular all over the globe.

Her husband took this photo and showed it to everyone. No one could have expected what happened next.
The marks of a good life

34 eyebrow massacres so cringeworthy you won't believe they are real. No. 14 is a serious fashion offender.
Tweezer happy