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A Small House Set Against Impressively Dramatic Landscapes
In this series, Manuel Cosentino transforms a tiny little house on a simple hill into a series of ...

Every body part can be cast in this material. The result will knock your socks of
Long-term keepsake


Incredibly Detailed Faces Formed Out of Wonder Bread

Rather than eating her sandwiches, Polish artist Milena Korolczuk has recently taken to transforming them into tiny sculptures. Using Wonder Bread as her medium, the Oakland-based artist draws from iconic pop-culture, art, literature, and historic figures to inspire each detailed face. She uses slices of classic white Wonder Bread and a steady hand to shape the tiny balls into something unique and unexpected.







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Dying woman lays in hospital bed. Therapy dog tenderly comforts her during her final moments
Meet JJ. He's a golden retriever belonging to Project Canine, and a HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis ...

She put onion in her ear... Result is incredible
This is what’s great about onions! They can be used in so many ways.

This cat ran into a burning house five times but what she brought out in her mouth each time, will break your heart.
Being burnt alive...

If your mother does these nine things for you, then she really loves you. Number one is really important.
I love you mom!

Strong Girl Julia Vins
Julia Vins has the face of a cute girl and the body of a man. Hot or not?

This couple adopted 11 children. When the social worker visited them, what he witnessed was so horrible it made me sick

This baby was born without a nose... And He's absolutely ADORABLE
This baby with no nose is the cutest baby you will ever seen in your whole life

He dips his toes in mouthwash. Even experts are surprised by the effect.
Surprising and simple.

9 things that your mother keeps secret. They'll reduce you to tears.
In every mother there's a woman.