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She never even knew she was pregnant... but gives birth in a bathroom
That's not even the most shocking part of this story. When she was 19-years-old, Claire was ...

Their security cam recorded her dog alone, but what the saw tragedy
Accompanying the couple was their 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier Dixie.

teddy bear

11 Animals With Their Teddy Bears

We've come across a ton of cute stuff in our time, like baby owls and sleepy kiddos. But we're going out on a limb here and claiming our latest finds are among the most adorable. Guys, it's animals with their teddy bears. Aww, come on now!br/There's no sense in denying it– seeing a miniature horse snuggling with its stuffed animal is an explosion of cuteness guaranteed to make your day loads better. We can't delay any longer; check out 11 of our favorites below!

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