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The emotional reaction of these kids after their missing cat is returned will make your week
Anyone who’s ever gone through the experience of having their pet go missing knows how stressful ...

6 Amazing Health Benefits of a High Fiber Diet
Fiber, a plant-based nutrient, is found mainly in whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. It ...


These Sneakers Have A Built-in Tent

If you can keep a house in your pocket, why not store a tent in your sneakers? The Sibling Collective created a pair of sneakers called Walking Shelter that store a simple tent in mesh netting attached to the back. While the concept is functional, it's hard to imagine that people would actually wear these things… unless sneakers doubling as storage becomes a new footwear trend. ''Oh, you got a tent in your sneakers. That's cool. I got a blow up yacht in mine.''

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No, that's not a bag of trash. You'll be moved to tears when you discover what this dog is carrying.
Always thinking of others

The dog just doesn't want to go home. But what the people in the park filmed — by 0:13 you'll be crying with laughter

When this boy got into a truck with a stranger, his parents didn't say a word. But the truth is not what you think!
Childhood dream

Retro Comics Edited Into Dynamic Sound Effect Collages
Based in Florida, Amy Watkins is a huge comic book fan, but after reading her extensive collection ...

Meet the amazing table tennis enthusiast who has no hands
This is Ibrahim Hamato, an Egyptian table tennis enthusiast who didn't let an accident at age 10 ...

Students Painting a Live Body
In the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) students learn anatomy by painting a live ...

This guy wore a giant water balloon then filled it until EXPLODED
Watch It In Slow Motion.

This boy was dying of cancer and got his final wish. Moments later, an explosion shook the neighborhood
It went off with a bang!

Young girl is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes - alert dog helps her cope with it
Brystin Fleetwood is a 12 year old girl from Bloomington. Unfortunately, at the age of seven, she ...