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What does your hands say?
Ellen Goldberg, known as the Wise-Woman Therapist, explains that two lines in your palms can reveal ...

Funny Asian Textbook Doodles
It seems, that Asian people are all very talanted (and weird) from their very childhood. Here are ...


Artist Captures Tiny People in the Real World

Using sculpture, found objects, and photography, Roy Tyson creates scenes featuring little people doing various tasks in settings that are perfectly ordinary-sized from our perspective, but to them are much larger and perhaps insurmountable…

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She left her baby alone with its father. One hour later she got the most dreadful call ever. This story is horrible!
Shaken to death...

The man presses the tweezers into his chin. What squirms out of his skin is as satisfying as it is disgusting
Gets under your skin

This mother doesn't let her young boy go on the field trip. In this letter, she explains to the teacher why
A clear no

Her husband took this photo and showed it to everyone. No one could have expected what happened next.
The marks of a good life

A hospice worker approaches a dying woman as she sleeps and the camera captures something incredible
One final wish

Okay, Kids Are Pretty Cute I Guess
Some people think, that having kids sucks. However, once you wipe away all the dirt and grime, ...

Shocking girl photos ever
Girls just wanna have fun, and when they do, it can get real weird real fast.

Meet Thor, The Bengal Cat With Purrfectly Beautiful Fur
Thor The Bengal cat is one of those felines that look right into your soul and beyond. Just look at ...

This woman felt something land on her head. Her hairdresser had never seen anything like it... 15 pics that will leave you baffled!
One of those days