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No one could ve guessed what this couple was hiding in their white transporter van. Speechless
Always on the move

This contraceptive from Sweden is over 400 years old. I can't get the image out of my head!
Blast from the past


Scary video warns of dangers of meeting strangers on social networks

This mother delivers her son to 2 'pedophiles.' But you'll never believe what they do with him next.

Social networks can be a dangerous place. You never know if the person in the profile picture is actually the real person or not. This can turn deadly, especially for children.

Even boys are no exception here: there are people who are particularly interested in boys younger than 18. And when your own child chats with a stranger, parents often have no control over what happens. That is why it is important that everyone sees this footage.

This footage shows clearly: the internet can be dangerous. So share this video with everyone to spread awareness about this unknown danger.

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