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Great idea! She painted 3 old tires, then what she made awesome

It’s a great way to upcycle old goods and transform them into something that’s both useful and beautiful.

Tanya Visser from YouTube channel TheGardenerMag shows an effective way to reuse old, unused tires. Rather than toss them, create a gorgeous DIY planter that will make all your neighbors jealous. It’s rather easy to do, and best of all, your kids can join in and help out!

First, take three old tires and lay them on top of plastic to protect the grass. Then, coat each tire using a water-soluble PVA to coat the tires. Kids can help paint!

Be sure that they are filling in all the grooves on the tires, you want the primer to completely coat the tires. The, identify the widest tire, and line it with a plastic outdoor trash bag. Poke a few holes to allow drainage. Next, stack your tires on top of each other, starting with the widest tire at the bottom.

Then, feel free to decorate the tires with other colors of paint. Let your children get creative here! They can paint all sorts of images and drawings here.

Once the paint is dry, add pebbles first and then add potting soil. Finally, add in your plants and enjoy planter!

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