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A Playful Pirate-Themed CT Scanner for Kids
This New York Hospital makes being sick a little less scary for their younger patients by ...

This woman is tired every day, regardless of how much she sleeps. The reason is in her throat.
Barely anyone knows about it


Do you care about the safety of your smartphone? Then watch this video

Witnesses in Japan videotaped as suburban train guy for 10 seconds, unlock your smartphone, introducing nearly 60-digit password.

It looks like someone is very jealous woman, and maybe he just believes in the conspiracy theory.

Someone bothered and saw all the figures.

Here's his password, "19771232219992525526221151041881041911073923021501231287365"

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After years of being unhappy with her body, she'd managed to lose 91 lbs! S

After decades, the 98-year-old shows what he has hidden from everybody. The whole world is left speechless
A big heart

Take a banana peel and rub it in your face. You'll be amazed what happens to your skin.
An incredible cosmetic

Children's hospitals have been using this trick to combat poor sleep for years. Now you can use it
The heavyweight solution to bad sleep

He sticks nail to LEMON... The reason? This could save your life
If you are ever lost in the woods and don’t have the right equipment to survive, you can always ...

The dying dog drags herself along. But what is shown in the last picture is unbelievable.
Alone on the street

This woman seemed like she was caring for her husband's baby, but the truth couldn't be hidden for long
Look what happened to the child! A gift from heaven.

He carefully approached the motionless bundle of fur but when he touched
She is completely emaciated