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He sticks a cotton ball in his ear and leaves it there overnight. The reason? Brilliant!
Not just helpful when you have a cold

Long ear hair! It can be a sign of THIS fatal disease
If you find hair in your ear BEWARE. It's a warning sign you should never ignore.


What happens to mobile phone when he mixes water with baking powder?

Just about everyone has this problem with their iphone.

After some time, annoying scratches take over the display and it can be rather expensive to repair. Quite literally: for the price of a replacement screen, you could almost buy a completely new phone. That's not the case with this method though. The development that the smartphone community has been waiting for is finally a reality: with this simple trick you can remove the scratches from your mobile.

Almost everyone has these two ingredients at home and can give it a try. Let the proof convince you. Simply mix water and baking powder till you have a paste, then rub it into the display-screen of your phone.

Share this trick, and save your friends and family a lot of money. Everyone is happy about this!

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Horrible people...

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If you hate spiders, then this isn't for you
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